Folder Lock Review-Best Android app to Lock Media Files

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It has been a time we reviewed this product hence, we are overdue in finding how Folder Lock works in today’s era. In the beginning, around five years ago, it was quite spot on; let’s find out its latest abilities. Folder Lock still exists as a desktop software as well as an app for mobile devices on the two famous platforms like iOS and Android. Hence, it has a large reach to its dignified customers.

Today, Folder Lock has more features in its current version as compared to previous. Previously, Folder Lock was focusing on making data encryption their unique selling point but now, they offer a lot more features. Some of its useful or useless features are stated below briefly:

File encryption: encrypting a file is rather easy today than it ever was. Even today, Folder Lock stands among the top three contenders of data encryption including AxCrpyt and VeraCrypt. We say that because whenever it because whenever we type ‘best encryption software’ on Google, we find these three names listed at the top in most sites. However, that is not the only case why we support it. For instance, Folder Lock uses AES-256-bit encryption that is worldwide famous. Even the top government levels make sure of such a secure algorithm, making Folder Lock a high-end player. The above compliments, however, are restricted only to data encryption ability of Folder Lock. Moving on, let’s find out how it works in other features.

Folder Lock Android App on Google Play store too:

File shredding:

Most of you may not have heard of it so let use explain ‘shredder’ means destroying one file completely from its existence. You might think ‘why shred, why not just delete it permanently? Exactly. Now get this in your mind that deletion from the system does not mean the respective file’s log is also gone. In the backyard of your system, it is still present. Now, you might think the permanent deletion of files was not an option to use too often. Again, we do not mean to scare you but let you know how difficult life can be. You do not want to pay ransom right, but under certain conditions, even a sum of ransom seems too easy to pay as if hackers gain access to a confidential file, it may end your career. Back to the review anyway, the shredder feature took more time than what we expected. Although the files we selected were large, so that may be the problem but fifty-three files were deleted in almost three minutes. Although it is not too much we are, usually looking for perfection, which lies in their encryption option that encrypts, files in not minutes but seconds.

Password wallets:

The digital wallet is a feature that lets you store and even create confidential wallets including banking details, transaction history, credit card information and more. Remember, your information when saved, is encrypted, which is convenient. However, the feature of Wallets didn’t have anything new to test as such feature, is widely available in most data security software of today. Hence, innovation lacks in this very feature of Folder Lock.

What is in the future?

The creators sitting at updated us with what they are currently working with. The future holds not just another version of Folder Lock 7, but also a very different product. For instance, their flagship product is now being made into Folder Lock 10, which would break all the doubts that any user had upon this software. The developers explained that now, they are mainly focusing on innovation rather than providing multiple features to make use of. That makes sense right as nobody wants another security software that serves features, already available in the market. At least we are not spending our time on something known as ‘me too’ product.


Data security is not just limited to the files you have in the system. Now, it was beyond than that. Even the cloud storage does not gain the people’s trust and is expected to take some time. Hence, the need for third-party encryption software is going nowhere but up which means, these software developers are in for business for a long time. However, since most users do not have enough time to search out of multiple software, we create readable reviews for you learn, understand and make use out of it. In shorty, Folder Lock’s current version did good and is still safe enough for security conscious users.



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