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No matter how busy we are, we still have the time to click a picture to make sure; a memory is stored of such moments. These photos actually vary in importance, as some are confidential while some are not. For this reason, it is essential to use a photo locking app that does the job for us while we are at rest. For this reason, we decided to review and a photo locking app that does all such hectic work for you. Some of its key features, uses and drawbacks are listed below.

Photo locker simply hides your photos on Android devices using quick encryption techniques. The idea is to prevent any unauthorized users from peeking into your photos, which may sound too easy but is still very much needed. The app’s basic idea lets you access all the protected photos only through the app’s interface. Meaning, since you are the sole bearer of the password, you get to access the photos, restricting all others.

In addition, the photos you lock are not available in the basic Gallery as they are locked. Hence, private photos are still available for view, but only to you through the app’s interface.

The built-in image hider lets you hide photos and it promotes you to create a backup of your photos on Dropbox. Meaning, even if you accidentally delete your photo, you get to recover it through the cloud service.


Lock photos:

We uploaded 64 photos and the load time of those pictures was around a minute. In addition, we further checked whether the photos were actually hidden from the gallery once locked in the app or not, and to no surprise, they were hidden from the gallery view.


Your private photos are secured via quick encryption techniques, giving no room to the hackers to enter and modify your pictures. In most cases, blackmailing comes into existence once photos are lost or hacked.

Timescale view:

You can also sort your pictures as per the date, time, month or whatever seems feasible. This feature may not be as useful but in case of bulk data, you get to keep track of your data easily.

Multiple exports &, import:

You get to import respective photos from gallery, the camera of the device or even download photos directly from the built-in private browser.


Photos vary in a category and in most cases; it is hard to find a single photo from a number of photos. For this reason, creating an album stands to be a useful data management option.

Three security credentials:

This app lets you use and protect photos using three different locking options such as a PIN, pattern or a Lock. Make sure you make a complex pattern to eliminate the major risks.

Decoy mode:

A fake login also is known as decoy mode that lets you enter a fake password that actually lets you enter the app. This feature comes in handy when you are around someone and do not want anyone to find what your actual password is. Hence, to avoid the awkwardness, you pretend to be using your app while you are not.

Dropbox Backup:

A feature that lets you store all the private photos on the cloud and retrieve data in case if you lose your device or it is corrupted.

Panic switch:

Another feature we found quite handy was photo locker’s panic switch feature. Meaning, when you flick, shake or place the palm of your hand on the screen, you get to switch to another app.

Stealth mode:

Protect your app using the stealth mode where you prevent anyone from knowing you use this app. Meaning, the icon of this app is no longer available in your phone and the only way to access this app is by dialing *1100 on your phone dialer. Dial it, and you get to open the app. stealthy right?


So far, we found more merits and fewer demerits to report and for this reason, we conclude this app does perform well in terms of its photo locking ability. You get to relive or cherish precious old private photos without the fear of losing them to the hands of hackers, intruders and the prying eyes.

Here Is A Download Link

Step1: Use online APK link to download the file.

step2: Transfer the downloaded file to your Android phone or SD card.

Step3: Now use any file manager to browse and install this software.

Installation Guide:

Step1: Open your phone Settings

Step2: Tap on the Security option

Step3: Enable unknown resources

Step4: Now, open Sweet Selfie APK downloaded file

Step5: Tap on Install button and wait for few seconds

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