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Max Upload Slots: Upgraded: 12
Max Upload Slots: Registered: 3
Max Upload Slots: Unregistered: 1

Max Upload Size: Upgraded User: 40MB
Max Upload Size: Registered User: 4MB
Max Upload Size: Unregistered User: 1MB

Bandwidth Limit: None
Website Coder/Admin: Justin Strawn
Contact Email: contact@sleekupload.com
  • Upload Almost Any File - With the exception of the file types specified above, you can upload any file type, even php, cgi, pearl... etc
  • Easy Code Access - After you complete your upload, you will be given a variety of codes that you can use to display or link your file/image on a forum or website.
  • Files Never Rewritten - Your files are always safe, even if someone uploads a file with the exact name.
  • Keeping Uploads Private! - You can set your profile to private (by default), hiding all files you have uploaded. If you want to share them, make it public and your uploads will be listed on your profile.
  • Upload Management - You can keep track of your uploaded files by going to "My Uploaded Files". There, you can sort by Extention, Name, Size, or Date. Selecting an individual upload will bring up further details about the uploaded file, as well as the codes for embedding it into forums and websites. You can also delete your uploaded files here.
  • Batch Uploading - SleekUpload allows more than one upload at a time!
  • Unlimited Upload Quota/Bandwidth - Feel free to upload as many files as you want, you will never run out of space, and there is no limit to the number of uploads, ever! You may also embed the image into any web page as many times as you want, you have unlimited bandwidth!
  • Support - If you view our contact page, you can contact us with anything you might want to say. You can talk to us about an upload that you believe is inapropriate or goes against the terms and conditions. if you have any sort of question we would be more than happy to answer it, and if you would like something implimented, suggest it!
  • Image Thumbnails - When you upload an image (and if you have the "Create Thumbnail" option turned on) a thumbnail image will be created with the size you designate, of the same aspect ratio. The Watermark is simply to show other users that it is a thumbnail and not the full image, it does not advertise us in any way, it adds the text below the image.
  • Flash MP3 Player - Try uploading an MP3 file. A custom flash MP3 player, along with the code to embed it into websites, will appear!
  • Profile Comments - Comment on other user's profiles!
  • Friends List - Keep a tab on people you know on the website!

Resurection of 2022
Despite going down for a few years, Sleekupload is now back! Sorry for the interruption.
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