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16 years Ago
I have successfully finished the flash mp3 player. all current embedded codes on external websites will have to be updated.

I am currently configuring the old music uploads to work with the new one, that will take about a day or two. but for now, any *new* music uploads will work with the player.

and your old ones will work soon, without you having to change a thing.

bigdog - 16 years Ago
axelbaxel - 16 years Ago
Nice update here!
swamp56 - 16 years Ago
It freezes my browser....and there is no embed code on the upload view.
swamp56 - 16 years Ago
And I can't delete the post above D: .
apiKid - 16 years Ago
Cool. :)
TheDark - 16 years Ago
Sweet :D
CanadaDry - 16 years Ago
cool beans.
falldown - 16 years Ago
it would be better white with gray some kewl stroke instead of blue that doesnt fit so goodly at many places :P but anyways great that its working
fattybank - 16 years Ago
bout time rookie
user4 - 16 years Ago
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