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SWF Abuse
16 years Ago
I recently found out that users have been using the file format "SWF" to upload music files and bypass my no-downloding-music feature.
These files have been deleted, and the users have been banned. SWF Uploads will be checked regularly, and if it continues to happen, the SWF format will be banned entirely.

In other news, check out:
The Ultimate Gaming Media Resource

apiKid - 16 years Ago
Aww swf's :O
sssnake - 16 years Ago
May the songs be your own music?
user4 - 16 years Ago
you can upload any music you want as long as it is in mp3, wav, or wma format.
swamp56 - 16 years Ago
Ok :)
Juke - 16 years Ago
Well, as long as this site doesn't get shut down, I am fine with whatever you have to do. I don't ever want to go back to the PB days :(
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