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13 years Ago
Thank you for your patience in not being able to upload for a few days while i moved servers.

I had 2 days notice to download 40GB of your files and then upload them again, and i luckily have just succeeded in doing so.

I can also proudly say that there was 0% loss of files, unlike the last time i moved servers.

Because i have to move onto shared hosting, this website will need to become image-only. Your non-image files you have uploaded in the past will be protected, except for Mp3's, which will be deleted so i don't get sued.

- Justin S.

YellowJello - 13 years Ago
Wait, so are you just deleting all .mp3 files? One of my recordings is on here and I don't know where exactly it is. :(
pictizm - 13 years Ago
user4 - 13 years Ago
Yes this is cobalt, yes i have to delete all of the MP3's. You wouldn't be able to download it anyways, it's in flash form with a player, remember?
Smithz - 13 years Ago
Ah thats a shame.

Well, congrats on the awesome image upload site anyways.
Smithz - 13 years Ago
Quick question, does this mean .txt files will no longer be ok?
user4 - 13 years Ago
Correct. Only image files.
Kosai106 - 13 years Ago
Sad to hear, but well... Nothing we can do about it?
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